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Frequently asked questions

I did not receive a tracking number.

Subject to the stock availability, your order will be fulfilled within 3 business days. For dial languages
other than English, it will take 5 business days to be in stock. The tracking number will be provided after
the shipment is sent to the carrier.

How long does it take for shipping from Hong Kong to the destination?

Express Shipping: 5-8 business days (Upon stock availability)

Standard Shipping: 13-20 business days (Upon stock availability)

Production time: 3 working days for table clocks; minimum 5 working days for wall clocks.

What should I do if the item is damaged or not delivered?

If you received a damaged item or it is not delivered at all, it is best to contact us by email or inbox as
soon as possible. Please attach photos or videos of the damaged parcel in your request.

I just received the clock, the flip card(s) are detached, what should I do?

Sometimes the flip cards may be detached from the dial during transportation. Don’t worry, just contact
us with the photos of the detached part, we will send you a replacement of the part. After you have
received the replacement, please follow the instructions from the video we sent.

Please refer to our Return policy

How long is the warranty period?

Two Years for all items (Items from the outlet are included).

Will the flip sound be noisy at night?

We have 5 clocks operating at the same time in our tiny office, and we find their flipping sounds are
satisfying. A tip for light sleeper: The date and time cards flip together everyday at 12 am.

Is there a back lit on the clock?

Only TWEMCO AL-30 are designed with a backlit button on the top of it.

What do you mean by operation: 2 years?

It means the battery normally lasts for 2 years.

There is a line on the dial which does not seem to be damaged during transportation,
what is it?

It is a welding line defect, a common defect that may occur during the molding process for any plastic
goods. Since it is related to the design of the mold machine, our hands are tied regarding it, please kindly
disregard the line on the dial.