Made in Hong Kong since 1968, TWEMCO iconic calendar wall clocks have been adopted by banking corporations, commercial institutes and government offices. Now, their BQ-170 is popular among flip clock lovers who are looking for an vintage and easy-to-read calendar flip clock for furnishing and home decor.

Precise and reliable is a requisite for a timepiece. TWEMCO's flip clocks keep accurate time with accuracy vary less than 0.5-1 seconds per month, ahead ordinary quartz clocks available in homeware shops. As a perpetual calendar clock, BQ-170 display the correct month, date and day with leap year feature.


BQ-170 Leap Year Demo from twemco on Vimeo.


TWEMCO BQ series are wall-mounted flip clocks, they are battery operated and the battery life lasts for at least two years. Despite of its over-sizing, the BQ-170 is retro charm of timepieces, keeping time accurate for decades with auto leap year adjustment.


Featured product: TWEMCO BQ-170 Series


  • Perpetual Calendar :  Automatic re-setting, even for leap years.
  • Invention patented
  • Cases: Injection molded ABS case  with supreme acrylic glass cover
  • Number plate: material and paints from Japan, ever-lasting white
  • Maintenance free
  • Dimension: 335 x 380 x 118 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Height of number plates: 58mm
  • Height of digits: 40mm
  • Readability: Over 23 meters
  • Made in Hong Kong
  • *Please contact us for HKD payment  


TWEMCO is one of the world-class manufacturers of fully automatic flip clocks, with over half a century experience in perpetual calendar palette clocks craftsmanship. In Time Will Flip, we offer varieties of TWEMCO products to individuals, hospitality industries, and design studios.

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